About our Property Alert System
  • When documents are recorded in our office, indexing information is recorded along with the document - such as relevant names and addresses.
  • You can request to be notified when a document is indexed using your name and/or your address.
  • Once you receive an alert, you should contact our office for more information at (423) 209-6560 or at
  • You will be able to opt out of receiving alerts anytime just by following the links provided in the email.
Personal / Business Info
NOTICE: If your name has any alternate spellings, you will need to submit a new notification request for each version.
Alerts by TEXT are coming SOON. If you enter your phone and select 'TEXT' as your contact preference, you can recieve your alerts by text (instead of email) when that system is ready.
TIPS: Enter your name as it would appear on a legal document.
- If your name has a suffix, enter Jr, Sr, III, IV, etc at the end of the middle name field.
- A personal name and business name must be signed up for separately, not together.
- If you include your middle name, you will only get alerts for documents filed that include your middle name. Ex: 'John Doe Smith' will not get an alert for 'John Smith'.
- If you do not include your middle name, you will get alerts for documents including any middle name. Ex: 'John Smith' will get an alert for 'John Doe Smith'.
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Last Name / Business Name:
First Name:
Middle Name:
Property Info
NOTICE: Not all documents are required to include an address. It is best to include a name with any address for best results.
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